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The project Culture 2007-2013 ‘PaCE - Plants and Culture: seeds of the cultural heritage of Europe’

Coordinator: Prof. Anna Maria Mercuri

Start date: November 15 2007

The project ‘Plants and culture: seeds of the cultural heritage of Europe’ aims to recover and promote green cultural heritage common to Europe in 2008, European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (decision n. 1983/2006/EC). The main ideas guiding this project are the improvement and dissemination of knowledge of the different botanical cultures in the history of European countries, and the safeguarding of their common cultural heritage (as per Article 151 of the Treaty). Plants and Culture of Europe will be the key words of the PaCE project. The project covers themes considered by the European Community to be priority issues: Intercultural Dialogue - Plant Biodiversity - Cultural Landscape In its research and popularization activities, the PaCE project focuses mainly on the links between plants and culture. It draws on an innovative partnership among universities, museums, archaeologists, botanists and zoologists from European countries (Italy, Spain, Poland and Norway as partners, supporting museums from Hungary, Greece, Romania, France and San Marino). The PaCE's European work group will present scientific knowledge on the significance of plants in human life in Europe. They will trace the history of selected European plants, represented overall by the box (Buxus), an evergreen present in all cultures, a symbol of life for the Ancient Greeks and a plant of peace in northern European traditions. PaCE will satisfy the intercultural aspect by staging a trans-European exhibition based heavily on the partners’ up-to-date scientific research. The exhibition will coincide with important local cultural anniversaries in the partner countries, such as 250 years of the Botanical Garden of Modena, founded by the Duke of Este (Italy), and 750 years of the city of Krakow (Poland).

Mostra PaCE Modena 8-30 novembre 2008