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8th International Workshop for African Archaeobotany (IWAA)


Modena,  23,24,26 June 2015 - Aula Magna, Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, via San Geminiano 3

Reggio Emilia, 25 June 2015 - Palazzo Dossetti, via Allegri 9

Scholars working in the field of African archaeobotany, as well as colleagues from related disciplines, are invited to the 8th International Workshop for African Archaeobotany. The workshop will take place at Modena University organised by the LPP-Laboratory of Palynology and Palaeobotany, and hosted by the Department of Life Sciences.

Workshops have been held regularly every three years as key events where data and knowledge on African archaeobotany are exchanged on a wide range of topics. The 1st IWAA meeting was organised by Krystyna Wasylikowa and was held in Krakow (1994). Following  IWAA workshops were held in Leicester (1997), Frankfurt (2000), Groningen (2003), London (2006), and Cairo (2009). The 7th IWAA (2012) was organised by Ursula Thanheiser at Vienna, University by VIAS-Archaeobotany, hosted by the Department of African Studies.

The presentation of research papers and posters are planned as well as a half-day of open laboratory session during which researchers can compare actual specimens.

The primary focus of research and discussion has been on seeds/fruits and palaeoethnobotany, but topics have been extended more and more to related fields of research dealing with the relationship between humans and plants/environment. Therefore papers/posters dealing with macroremains, phytoliths, non pollen palynomorphs and pollen, analysed in multidisciplinary archaeo-environmental perspectives, are welcome. Environmental reconstruction, ethnological and linguistic studies will be fruitfully integrated in thematic interdisciplinary sessions.

The 2009 conference – IWAA6 – was held in Egypt, hosted by Helwan University and the chief organizer was Ahmed Gamal-El-Din Fahmy whose untimely death in December 2013 has left us deeply saddened. The IWAA8 workshop planned for Modena, is dedicated to his memory.



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